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*ALL miniatures are supplied unpainted*

Warrior Mutation Sprue

Sculpted by: Patrick Keith
Designed by: NULL
Painted by: Bryan Mitchell
Height in mm 23.0


$5.50 USD
5.06 Euros
$8.02 CAD
$8.35 AUD

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Has your Fantasy Football warrior of evil and chaos grown an extra head or arm due to the whims of the gods. Maybe he has legs have grown very long or his figures have sprouted razor sharp blade like claws. If so, this sprue will help you convert him so that he can really show off his new abilities.

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NOTE 2: All figures are cast in lead free White Metal or spincast high detail resin and due to their size and often sharp points and small pieces should be kept away from children under 14.

NOTE 3: Many figures require light assembly in order to create a dynamic pose that is impossible to cast as a single piece. We do our best to list this on the figure description but we might miss it here or there and so please be aware that some figures need a bit of super glue to put them together.

NOTE 4: Any figure with a star (*) after the sculptor's name was submitted to Impact! using our Targeted Impact agreement. This means the sculptor received no up front money for the figure and is only paid commissions of the sales of the figure.

NOTE 5: Model handing: We recommend
1. Wash the figures with any liquid soap with a degreaser agent to remove any missed mold release. Dawn dish soap and Dasty both work great for this.
2. After the figures dry you can prime the figures with any brush or spray primer.

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