Are you an Amateur Sculptor?

Do you have Green that you have created for Fantasy Football that you think would make a great miniature?
Would you like to have a chance to get it turned into metal for no cost to you?
Want to earn extra spending money for something you did in your free time?

Well Impact! wants you! ... (well okay we'd like to see that Green)

E-Mail a picture of your [b]28mm scale[/b] Fantasy Football Green to and if it is approved by our partners then we'll contact you via e-mail to work out a contract with you for your figure. Approved figures will be turned into metal copies and your figure we will put it into production as soon as possible. You'll receive a contract for payment for your figure. All contracts will have at a minimum the ability for a 10% commission on the retail value of all castings made of your figure. The payments would cap when you've received $15 USD per mm of the sculpt (50% more than the rate professionals charge) ... as of December 2010 Impact! had already paid out over $23,000 USD of commissions since April 24, 2006 on miniatures we sell with commission payment agreements. We'll also give you a guaranteed 10 free metal copies of your Green if it is put into production.

All of the miniatures in our Targeted Impact program are marked with a star next to the sculptors name. This allows everyone to see that you are a starting sculptor and possibly consider your work for future projects they might have. As you can see we already have some great figures in store from some very talented amateurs and we hope to see your work soon! So send us a picture of your 28mm Fantasy Football sculpture today and let's see if we can make it a reality for you and a lot of other gamers in the world.

Please note that for us to consider your figure for casting it must be made from a castable substance (ie green stuff, brown stuff or Procreate as examples). The figure also MUST have a metal skeleton to help it keep its form. This skeleton should go through everything (feet, hands, arms, legs, body, fingers). The metal skeleton MUST be made out of a substance that can be cut if needed (brass wire is thus excellent to use). NO plastic should be used as a skeleton and their should be no air pockets inside the sculpt.


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