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Custom Impact City Roller Derby Action Decks

If your team would like their own custom deck for Impact City Roller Derby. All you need to do is get your team together one practice and take 14 good action images to match the moves for the cards in the deck (you can see the full list of 14 cards here.) Keep in mind that the card images are longer than tall (so do not turn your camera sidewise when taking the pictures). We need the 14 images with a full commerical release from the team to use the image in a product we will sell. In return, Impact! will pay all the costs to get your graphic files set up and the card decks printed. In addition, for every deck we sell with your team images on it Impact! will send $5 to your team as a fundraiser option since all roller derby teams are non-profit and could use the help. We can also sell leagues the decks directly at a discount to use as direct fundraisers. Fans so far seem to love using them as trading cards of the players with or without the board game. Any questions, just click the Contact Us button on the bottom left of the webpage.

2 Team Helmeted Roller Derby Set (TC)

TC_ROLD - £20.78

2 Team Pretty/Punk Roller Derby Set (TC)

TC_ROLP - £20.78

Hockey 2 Team pack w/ nets (14 figures)

HK_TM2 - £58.42

Hockey Defenseman

HK_DFN1 - £4.16

Hockey Goalie

HK_GOL1 - £4.57

Hockey Net

HK_NET1 - £3.32

Hockey Playmaker

HK_PLA1 - £4.16

Hockey Sci-Fi Player

HK_PLY1 - £3.32

Hockey Sniper

HK_SNP1 - £4.16

Hockey Stick Sprue

HK_STIK - £2.49

Hockey Team (6 figures)

HK_TM1 - £24.08

ICRD 2 Team Helmeted Roller Derby Set

RD_ICRD - £40.72

Impact City Roller Derby + 2 Teams

IG_ICR2 - £45.71

Impact City Roller Derby board game

IG_ICRD - £33.24

Naptown Rollergirls ICRD Deck

RD_NAPT - £12.47

Nuthin But Net - Print N Play

NB_NBN - £12.47

Nuthin But Net Beastman Team

NB_BMTM - £20.78

Roller Derby Glamour Team

RD_TM2 - £20.78

Roller Derby Helmeted Team

RD_TM1 - £20.78

Roller Derby Joan of Dark

RD_JDRK - £4.99

Roller Derby Punk Team

RD_TM3 - £20.78

Roller Derby Referee - Lead Jammer

RD_REFR - £2.91

Salacioius T

RD_SALT - £2.29

VooDoo Barbys Helmeted Roller Derby Team

CC_VBHT - £20.78

VooDoo Barbys Roller Derby Team

CC_VBTM - £24.93




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